Ferrdrakon Power 60_Drak


The release of nutrients corresponds to a weekly dosage of 10 ml (per 100 l unit) of Ferrdrakon iron fertilizer
Release Time: 3 months
Storing the closed containers in a dark place: unlimited
– Slow-release fertiliser
– Sealed in a plastic net, ready for use
– Releases controlled amounts of fertiliser to the water
– Ideal if you are away from home



According to the size of the aquarium the fertilizer reserve consists of a hand-full of material, ready for application and packaged in a plastic mesh-bag. The material system (Aquafim®) itself is non soluble and does not give-up any undesired substances into the water. Once in usage, day after day a measured amount of fertilizer is released. Through this constant steady release there is no so-called ?increased step of concentration?, what has a positive effect on both plants and animals – and all that without having to purchase an expensive and sensitive electro-mechanical dosage pump.

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Weight 50 g


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