Power CO2 + Reaktor & Survace Skimmer 200+Magnet_Rio


Can quickly and completely solve your oil film problem
Easy to install
So that the fish tank water will not oil
Easy to use things worthy of promotion! Super sale, to buy faster!



Assembly contents: submersible motor. Magnet blade group. Water inlet. Rubber fixing plug. Ceramic shaft. CO2 air intake. Filter cotton. Sucker holder. CO2 diffusion cup. CO2 inlet plug
Oil film processing cup. Water inlet and closing valve
Included: sucker * 4
Holder: can be purchased into a magnetic fixed
1. The water film is quickly absorbed and removed
2.CO2 bubbles superfine
3.CO2 bubble evenly supply the fish tank in the corner
4. Applicable to all kinds of CO2 cylinders containers
5. Does not produce CO2 ventilation obstruction
6. Easy to install
7. Patented product

Additional information

Weight 400 g


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