Micro Wafers 45 gr_HIKARI


Hikari Tropical Micro Wafers Fish Food



Hikari Micro Wafers were specifically developed for use with all types of tropical fish from larger neon tetras to the largest angels. These micro wafers contain high-grade marine and vegetable proteins to promote ready acceptance, efficient digestion and superior nutrient utilization.
Contains garlic and other ingredients to attract the most finicky eaters. Superior Color-Enhancing Capacity Pure-cultured spirulina rich to promote natural color and development. Improved water qualitiy over flake foods because it’s easier to avoid overfeeding and will not dissolve in water. Softens quickly allowing the smallest fish to get their fair share of this superior diet. Helps monitor amount being eaten and therefore helps reduce the chances of over-feeding.

Recommended for all small & medium sized tropical fish especially tetras, livebearers, cichlid and catfishes.

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Weight 45 g


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